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Quotes from the „ Dictionary of American Family Names“:

“In many situations and at various times in the history of immigration to the United States, German immigrants and their descendants found it desirable to hide the connections to their German homeland by having their name officially changed. The resulting names look completely English and since nothing in the spelling of their names suggests their German origins, their bearers nowadays often are not aware of their German origins”

DAFN, Oxford University Press 2003, p. Iv

1. Name comparison

This module serves to determine the relation between two names. It is the first step to ascertain the origin of a name.

Compare two names:
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2. This module transforms a given American name into a possible German name and displays a %-age of relation. The result depends on the size of the German database, which contains about 200 000 names.

Transform an American name of uncertain origin
Unknown origin:
Closest name in DB:
Proximity: %

The American white population is a mixture of immigrants from all over Europe. The above mentioned reasons and registration problems in the time.